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Most common Spinal Diseases

Coluna Vertebral

The spine is formed by 33 vertebrae, including the intervertebral disc, they are the ones that give the individual the mobility necessary for locomotion, acting as shock absorbers.


Pain in the neck area that can radiate to the shoulders, scapulae and arms and may be accompanied by a tingling sensation, numbness or weakness.

Hérnia Discal
Herniated Disc

It occurs when part of the intervertebral disc is displaced and compresses nerves in the region causing pain, loss of sensation or tingling sensation.

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Artrose vertebral
Hyperkyphosis / Hyperlordosis

They are postural deviations where kyphosis and lordosis, which are physiological curves, present themselves in a marked way.

Dor Ciática
Sciatica Pain

It occurs when there is inflammation or irritation of the longest nerve in our body, the Ischiatic nerve, and the pain can happen throughout its path or at the place of its origin.


It is an abnormal curvature of the spine to one side of the trunk determined by the rotation of the vertebrae.


It is a sliding of the vertebral in the anterior, posterior or lateral direction in relation to the lower vertebra.

Spinal Arthrosis

Degenerative disease very common in the population, consists of a natural aging process and can affect any region of the spine.


Pain in the lower back, usually of muscular origin, caused by some physical effort done in an exaggerated or incorrect manner.

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