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Dra Renata Soriano fisioterapeuta especializada Coluna Vertebral.


I am Dr. Renata Soriano , a physiotherapist specialized in Orthopedics and Sports at Universidade Cidade de São Paulo and in Spinal Diseases at Santa Casa de Misericórdia de São Paulo.

I have been treating patients with complaints related to the Spine for more than 10 years, seeking results in less time. I developed the 6S method of physiotherapy .

We are a family owned and operated business.

To learn more about the method click here .

Dra. Renata Soriano

CREFITO 115669-F

The care you deserve, with the best professionals.

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Dr. Jakelline Murucci
Dra. Caroline Domingues
Dra. Andressa Moreira
Dr. Stefany Santos

CREFITO3 193754-F

CREFITO3 42.285-F

CREFITO3 147.026-F

CREFITO3 232.883-F

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Eliete Soriano

Administração / Financeiro

Ana Paula Brizotti

Administração / Financeiro

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